Our New Look!

by Underdue Support on March 25, 2011

Welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy visiting all the new parts of our site, but these changes are about more than just a new look. Here’s what we hope you will find on our new blog-site.

  1. A blog with information you care about:  with our new blog we will keep you up to date about the changes in our agency, but also give you information about issues that matter to you.  Subscribe to our blog so you never miss an update.
  2. Important information about our services and our staff. We want you to know all about us and in this site we talk about our services in ways that make sense to your needs.  Want the full details?  Check the document links in the sidebars.
  3. A place for parents to ask questions and get information about talking with their children.  We know  how difficult it is to raise children in this world today.  We will talk about important issues, and when you have a question you can email us and we will include it in the Parent Talk discussions.  And always feel free to join in the conversation with comments and opinions.
  4. A place for teens to ask questions and get information that matters to them.  It is important for teens to talk about what is on their mind in a safe environment.  We are offering that option to our teens with our Teen Talk page.   Again, we will have a questions email address where teens can ask questions.  We will deal with those questions on our Teen Talk page.  And here again, feel free to join in the discussion with your comments.
  5. We will be telling our stories on several social media sites.  We want to have conversations with you on whatever social media channel you prefer.  So please visit our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter.  The links are in the sidebars.

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