The other senses

by Dr Peggy on July 6, 2012

Our teens are very good at using their fingers for texting, their eyes for reading that smart phone screen and their ears for hearing the rings they do and don’t want to answer. All of those things are sensory and require our teens to hear, touch and see. But what about their other senses?

What has your teen touched lately besides the touch screen on their phone, computer or iPad?

What has your teen smelled lately – no, what have they smelled, not what have they smelled like when they came back from soccer practice.

Do they know it’s hot outside?

Could they tell you the last time it rained?

I think you are beginning to see where I am going. We are all so connected to technology that we have lost our ability to use our senses in different ways. Well, it’s summertime and there is no better time to let your senses go crazy!! That is part of what the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign is all about. Take a look at the Active Families page. You will find some really good ideas! And the Let’s Move Outside page is even better! Get going on your weekend early!

I know it’s a little tougher when you are talking about teens and not younger kids. They think getting out is going to the mall. But there are things even your teen would find fun – or at least have to grudgingly admit it was fun afterward. Nature hikes, biking, swimming – all of these things are here in our area. Use the site and find a place for you to get your teen connected with their other senses. Also, remember the zoo? It’s not just for little kids – especially if your teen is interested in photography! Imagination can run wild.

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