Your Teen Says NO to College!

by Dr Peggy on January 15, 2013

When a teenager starts making noises about not wanting to go to college, the usual response for parents is a major anxiety attack. Yes, yes there are teens who have clear and appropriate life goals that do not require a college education. This is not the post debating technical versus general education. Instead, this post refers to high school students who have good grades, are excelling academically, are active in activities and have always seen themselves as attending college.

But even these students are beginning to be part of the group asking “Why am I going to college again?” “Can I afford to go to college?” “Will I be able to pay back what I owe?”

On the blog Frugal Dad I found this very profoundly interesting – and somewhat depressing – infographic. Take a look.

College Isn't Cheap

Now you may be thinking that this website must be all about not attending college. You would be wrong. Instead, frugal dad talks about all of the ways you can help your child get an education, because even with all of the above facts, it is still the best chance our children have of some element of financial security. Take a look at his suggestions and remember to start as soon as you can!

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