by Dr Peggy on June 18, 2012

MAKE SURE children know their full name, address, telephone numbers and how to use the telephone.(NCMEC Post)

OK, so this sounds like a really, really good idea. And it’s an important one if you are dealing with children who are younger and can get separated from you and lost. If they can tell people their name address and phone number, you can find them again. I remember when my good friend talked about taking her youngest son to a Renaissance Festival. She went behind the bag toss to get the bean bag and give it back to her son to toss again. By the time she got back around to hand it to him he was no where to be found. She was terrified and talked about her relief when they found him. This tip makes sense and is important.

Now let’s fast forward to your teenager. They not only know their name, address and telephone number, but they regularly use that phone to text their friends and check their Facebook page. The “Make Sure” for them is a little different. Let’s make sure they know who NOT to tell their full name, address and telephone number – and their parents names and information. I can hear your brain already thinking – my teenager/kid knows better than that. Well, maybe. But as this program on Dateline can attest – peer pressure is a powerful force. Make sure you play out all the possible scenarios with your child so they don’t get talked into doing something they know they shouldn’t.

Make sure your kids and teens have a great and safe summer!!!

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