Stress Reduction Strategy Three: THINK

by Underdue Support on September 26, 2012

This one probably seems really obvious to all of you. Of course we think. For some of us, we wish we didn’t think quite so much. But this kind of thinking is a little different.

In this strategy I want to talk about “mindfulness.” If you remember, which I am sure you don’t, I wrote a post early on in this blog called “Stop, drop and breath.” This was during our series on present moments. The concept of being “in the moment” applies here as well. Frequently stress if caused by spending our time worrying about what we have to do next or wondering if what we have already done is going to be ok. If you are spending your time in the past or the future, odds are you aren’t spending a lot of time enjoying or being in the present.

Now mindfulness is an entire approach to reducing stress, anxiety and depression. I am not suggesting you sign up for the course, although you might be interested – up to you. I get not kick backs from the folks at this site. But I found his description of the effects of stress to be very clear and powerful. Take a look.

I find his description of our stress realities of today to be very insightful and helpful in deciding to tackle this problem. If we were to take the time to be in the moment – what impact might that have on our stress levels? Have you smelled the flowers lately? Give it a try.

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